Mania 911:

Heaven Sent,

Hell Bent

A Collection of Poems By Joseph AA

Heaven was once home until I was introduced to a fruit

I betrayed my Father and He cast me out








Journey Through My 9 Levels Of Hell

Level #1 Limbo: First time getting high

Level #2 Lust: First time getting drunk

Level #3 Gluttony: First underage ticket

Level #4 Greed: Second underage ticket

Level #5 Wrath: Smile! I’m on TV 

Level #6 Heresy: Open flask ticket

Level #7 Violence: Totalled my car

Level #8 Fraud: Arrested on my 21st birthday

Level #9 Treachery: My DUI

My Mission

 My mission is to share my collection of poems about my struggle, addiction, depression, pain, mental illness and spiritual battles with others going down a similar path. I display my flaws to show that you’re not alone and there is a way through it all.

My faith in God and Jesus grew stronger the deeper I fell into the pit.